It’s a good time for Foodie Call

It’s my first blog post and I’m beyond excited.  My new website designed by the amazing Denise at Medulla absolutely rocks.  I now have the ability to create my own blog posts to share what Foodie Call has been up to – keeping my posts in one central location will be key for my clients as well as for me.  I have a super fun 170 person wedding this weekend at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons which I’m really looking forward to catering.  Finally, I want to share the following experience with you all.

A few weeks ago, I catered a very close friend’s 40th birthday party at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in the amazing San Luis Valley.  He wanted Korean and Vietnamese for his birthday meal with 25 of his closest friends, so I did just that.

The day after that party, I was invited by 2 of the guests at his party to cater a 4th of July party at a stunning home in Connecticut.

Flash forward to a week ago … I was flown to JFK, got picked up by their personal driver in an Escalade limo with a flat screen and satellite dish on top, shared a drink on their 2400 square foot patio overlooking the Hudson, was taken to dinner to Jean-Georges (a Michelin 3-star restaurant), and was given the keys to their penthouse a few blocks from Central Park.  That was just my first day of an 8 day vacation.

I rode my client’s bike all around Manhattan – seeing the city, eating at some cool places (Momofoku, Casa, Chelsea Market, Shake Shack, The Smith), and by extension getting some much-needed exercise.

Their driver took me to Connecticut where for the next couple days I cooked, swam, and relaxed.  The party was great; I received rave reviews on the food, and their private fireworks display was insane.  We ended the 4th of July dancing all night, swimming and hot tubbing.  I’m extremely lucky to have such gracious and amazing clients, and now friends!  I spent a couple more days in the city… shopping for crazy Indian shirts, riding in and out of traffic full-bore, went to a bar called Angel’s Share with world-class cocktails and finished my last night enjoying the best Italian meal of my life at a restaurant called Il Buco.  The server even saved us a couple of pieces of Brooke Shield’s chocolate mousse cake (she was having a party in the wine cellar in the basement).

I never could have envisioned that I’d have the best vacation of my life fully paid for just a few weeks before … and now more than ever I’m excited for what the future has in store for Foodie Call 🙂